Friday, June 26, 2009

Kinda scary

I am having a lazy day.
I wanted to watch a movie, on-line, and there is a site that I have used in the past. Today, I ventured into unknown territory.
I was prompted to install the equipment off of one site and opted to not. Instead, I tried this different site surfsilverscreen or something. I wanted to watch this movie and suddenly, my computer goes crazy and 5 pop-ups say, you must download this to prevent your computer from being attacked. I almost hit, yes, but was prompted to reconsider. I wanted the pop-ups to stop and so I wanted to say yes, but it said that there was risk involved and that seemed to calm me down.
I think this site would have infected my computer had I enabled a scan, by them. I have Norton Security installed and so I ran a scan and my computer is fine.
It was scary, though.
I am not computer savvy and the last thing I want is to have to deal with something that I created because I don't pay attention. My friend, Marcee, was hacked through facebook or something. She told me that this guy had 83 chat windows open and told people that she was in London and needed money to return to the States. She figured it out after she ran into someone in Kansas and they asked how she got back and looked at her funny.
It is scary. Technology enables many things, but not all are positive. I think we are becoming more and more less willing to interact with people in a face-to-face format. What happened to thank you cards? We have replaced it with text messaging, facebook or e-mail (which is antiquated, too).
I like blogging and I like knowing there are people out there that follow my blog and find me somewhat amusing. I talked to my sister, Jade, today, and she told me she reads my blog at work. I mentioned some of the comments that are made and she goes--oh, from Rachel or Scarlet? I thought it was cute. I told her that she should check out their blogs, too, since I enjoy their writing and perspectives.
I digress.
The whole almost hacked tracking cookies/worms was scary. It just reminds me to not trust or engage in things that come too easily, you know?
Be well. I found my Thriller CD and blasted it while mopping the floor. Gotta love some of MJ's early work...


Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

haha! How funny... we DO comment on your page alot, don't we? :)

harmony said...

yes, I like it!
Jade said that she enjoys reading my blog, at work, and her coworkers always ask what she is doing and why she is laughing. Her response was that she can see me saying these things.