Wednesday, February 6, 2008

3rd charm isn´t the charm....

The wine tour today was extremely disappointing. They were 50 minutes late and once I arrived we made one more stop, making the number 17 people. I couldn´t focus and was frustrated.
Our first winery, we went on the tour and drank wine, eventually, in their caves which was cool, but the wine was subpar.
Next, we went to a boutique winery where we did another tour-YUK--and drank 2 samples of wine. I hung out with a couple from Canada that were super fun and friendly. On our trip, there were 11 english speakers and 6 spanish natives. By the 3rd winery, I was ready to slit my wrists on the whole tour bullshit and yet, we did another wine tour with a guide. I was so annoyed, but the girl spoke incredibly fast and then we tried 2 wines in their cellar. I couldn´t believe that I had spent money to listen to 3 wine guides with no wine.
We went to lunch and that made all of the difference. The spread was huge and fun. I drank ample wine and ate cheese, deli meat, vegggies, bread and they brought out tomato empanadas, beef empanadas, sausage and then spaghetti. It was a feast and leisurely. I returned with the intent to take the Dane to have a beer, but took a nap, overslept, and found him enthralled with the British chick. I am absolved from owing him shit!!!
WEll, tomorrow, I return to Buenos Aires and i will not entertain myself with another tour. I cannot. Mendoza isn´t ready for the wine snobs. It is super-hyped and wine isn´t par with what is expected. Overall, I was sorely disappointed and thankful that it was cheap!!!

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