Sunday, February 10, 2008

successful show....

I went to the show with a group of 12 other people. Initially, we arrived in La Boca and I realized that the theatre is located next to Bombanera, the huge, massive, soccer stadium. I was tempted to go check that out, but they kept us on a pretty tight schedule. We were able to walk around the outdoor theatre and they had us arranged by countries that either speak english natively or not. I found myself seated with an older german couple. They spoke limited english and the woman was unpleasant at first. The airlines had lost their baggage and she was extremely thorough in relaying that entire story. She didn´t speak spanish at all, and was rude to the waitress. We ordered our dinner, drank some wine and mid way through our dinner, another couple was added to our cramped table. The man was german and the lady was finnish. At this point, the older woman became more engaging and funny. The older man kept pouring my wine and attending to my needs, too. He was funny. He is turning 80 in October and he and his wife have been married for 43 years. He said that he met her when she was 16, but let her get away. They both married others and then he met her again when she was 22 and eventually, they married. I liked the romance of it and they were dancing at the show and obviously had affection for each other.
THe show itself was quite nice. I think the Tango is one of the sexiest dances and quite provocative. They had an accordion player, cellist, violinist and piano player which were also spotlighted during the show. A man and a woman, sang together and individually too. The man made me think of Miss America with his grandiose voice and performance. Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed more dancing, less signing, but it was well executed and I enjoyed myself.
i returned to the hostel and spent the night waking up to other people coming in at 2:30, 3:30, 4 am to shake the beds and rustle through their crap. I was extremely annoyed and do not understand the lack of courtesy. I mean, obviously, it is a dorm room and their will never be complete quiet, but people should respect other people sleeping if they choose to stay out all night. I arrange my toiletries in the morning so that i can get up and go without rustling my bag. Oh well.
Today, is overcast again, but magnificent. I had a wonderful lunch at the grill, yesterday. The owner made sure that my pasta was spicy--very--and I met an interesing girl from Poland. She speaks polish and german fluently, english and spanish not as much, but still much better than mine. We spoke of traveling and our desire to do more. It was a great day and I definitely could have gotten stuck there with the group of people I met.
Today might be a catch up day since the sleep factor needs to be addressed.

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