Saturday, February 2, 2008

lagos de sur

The tour to El Tornador Mountain was fantastic. At first, I was a little put off since the tour was completely in Spanish, but then I figured this is amazing practice for me. I understand most of the words, but I cannot respond. I understood most of what Jacqueline spoke of and she was very considerate of the fact that I only spoke english. We did 3 mini hikes which I would have preferred more hiking, less photos, but in the end, the black glacier was awe-inspring. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Plus, we drank mate´ and I had a nice time meeting people from Puerto Rico, Holland, Spain, Italy and Argentina. There was one other guy who wasn´t a native speaker and I ended up having conversations in english with all of them. The couple from Holland is traveling for 60 days on a route that I just completed and then we compared things to do. This guy love Fiji and I pointed out that parts of the Rio Mandoso looked like kava due to the color of the river. The pictures will explain everything.
Afterwards, I went to dinner with Lorenzo, the Italian, to a vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant opened at 8, we arrived at 8:30 and no one else entered until 9:30 pm. It is different to eat so late, but it is their culture.
Today, I leave for Mendoza and I am glad that I came in and decided to take the tour. I forgot to mention that I gave them my ipod for music so that we could listen to Mana´. The driver liked my selection and we ended up driving to the other hikes listening to DUran Duran and Elton John. It was odd and yet nostalgic at the same time. At the end of the tour we listened to some random 80´s CD that he actually had. Most everyone around the world knows American music, even if it is shitty music at points.
My bus ride will be long and awful, but I should wake up in Mendoza.
On a side note...Happy Birthday Jennifer Ogden. I hope you are skiing again this year and if you aren´t, I hope that you are happy. I enjoyed showing you parts of Denver last year for the big one!!! I would like it if you came back to see more of Denver....


Jadey said...

You sound like your having a great time. By the way, I'm still crying...
Shari, your going to have to tell me where the good spots at Yellowstone are. When we travel back for Michael's graduation, we are going to stop there for a day or so. I know it's not enough time to enjoy Yellowstone, but I knew if we cut to much out my family back home would have went crazy!
I've been working like crazy and haven't had time to pee at times. I feel like my life is a constant race to the finish. What finish?? I really don't know. Believe it or not, I've been much more organized and seem to get more accomplished when I stay so busy.
Last week the whole family was sick. I actually started with the flu and Tab had a cold. Fast forward 3 days, and I had the cold and Tab had the flu. Mackenzie wanted her friend Kaitlynn to spend the night tonight, but she called this morning and said she thought she was getting sick. Well, you know little girls. Before I had a chance to react, they had a plan and decided that she wasn't really that sick. I put the kabosh on that though--I'm not getting sick again!!
Our babysitter is moving to Thurston which is on the other side of Springfield. It makes the trip about 45 minutes, which sucks all the way around. So I talked the girls next door into become our babysitters Mon-Fri. Oh sweet jesus, it's worth the extra money!! It makes everyone's life easier.
So that's it for me. I'm cleaning today and hopefully will get to sleep at a decent time so I can work tonight. Please know that I'm thinking about you everyday and wondering how you are doing.
Love you

harmony said...

funny about yellowstone. I am proud of you and your determination to get out of debt and feel healthy financially. Kudos to you.
It sucks being sick and I had a slight cold when I was in New Zealand. I think, for me, that it is also in my head. I continue to think I am sick; therefore, I am.
I cannot believe that it is Febraury. I am happy, but sad, too. I like traveling too much to think that I must return next month.