Sunday, February 17, 2008


My Canadian friend and I took the subway to the bus station and got in a line for tickers, or so we thought. I asked this woman, boletas para Valporaiso, twice and she said yes. We waited, people bumping into us and not really paying too much attention. When we finally get closer to the window, I realize that we are in line for the western union. Seriously.
We finally get rerouted and I arrive in Valporaiso. There was a bus that goes to the hostel, they said, but i waited for 30 minutes, no bus and weird, random people around. I opted to take a taxi and go to the hostel. It is nice. The people are friendly. They have a Lider Store and a Starbuck´s. I am in heaven. I don´t want to have to make any more decisions and so I might stay here the entire time. Who knows?
I booked in for 4 nights. It is cheap and I like the vibe.
At the other hostel, in Santiago, the owner told one of the girls that was working in exchange for board, that she wasn´t working out, people didn´t like her and that she should look for other arrangements. The guy was a complete jack ass in my opinion. I mean, from him implying that I lied about the bites to his conversation with this girl...come on, learn courtesy. Plus, as much as he worked, all I saw him do was gripe and harass people.
I look forward to checking out Valporaiso and relaxing.


Jadey said...

Hey Harmony,
I've been up since 4am and am going to the dentist this morning, yeah!!
I am soooo sick of working! Yesterday when I was leaving I ran into my boss. I was so burnt that I asked if I could have tonight off. Luckily she likes me and gave me the night off. Yesterday I opted to clean and sleep, since I had 2 whole days off. It was great not taking care of anybody last night.
So I'm going to run errands today and hopefully catch Mic and maybe go to lunch. It feels good to wear jeans and not scrubs.
Recently I've lost 30 lbs and none of my cloths fit right. The other night at work everybody was making fun of me because the crotch of my pants hung around my knees--its quite comical. I need to buy new clothes, but you know me I'm too cheap! I'm gonna wait until our vacation to buy anything new.
So the reason I thought about you is because this morning I pulled out an old tape that I had recorded years ago. I wasn't sure what it was but when it started playing I realized it was the soundtrack to The Secret of My Success. I couldn't help but think of you. The kids were pissed because I was playing it all morning. In fact Mackenzie came out of her room and said, you know mom I like music too, but not this crap! God, she'd just like me!
Well, I'm off to the dentist. Love you and be safe
Love Jadey

harmony said...

sounds like you are doing well. Secret of my success...I haven´t seen that in forever. Maybe I will rent it when I return to the States...