Monday, February 11, 2008

fellow travelers....

I was up most of the night and so I had ample time to think about the people that i have met along the way. Granted, these are generalizations, but in some cases, applicable to certain groups of people.
For instance, since I have been in Argentina, I have encountered many argentinians traveling. In Bariloche, for two nights, I was awoken so that they could get ready to go out and woke up, again, when they would return. They have no concept of other people.
Last night, these two girls showed up at midnight to descend on our room. I was with a french woman who was sleeping. I was trying to sleep but having some difficulty. My mind was wandering. Anyways, they came in, loud, turned the lights on, rustled about and created an explosion of clothes in the room. They left to return 50 minutes later, turned the light back on and acted as if it were nothing. I heard that French lady stir and try to figure out what was going on and so I asked them if they could turn the lights out. They said, no, we have to get ready and I said, there are lights from the street, no, it doesn´t work, we can´t see and it will only be a few minutes. RIGHT. 20 minutes later and they finally leave. I understand if it is early in the night--9-10:30, but I respect my sleep and the sleep of other people. I try to have my toiletries arranged so that I create as little noise as possible when I get up at 6 to use the computer or go out early to enjoy the day.
Thankfully, when they returned at 5:30 am, they didn´t turn the light on, but they still were loud and to me, woke all of us up as a result of their lack of courtesy. And, when they get ready, they spray themselves 3-5 times in the room with horrible perfumes and it is ongoing. They don´t leave the room to do this. They force all of us to smell their spray. I thought about getting up to put more OFF on, but figured that it would be the same as them and I would annoy the french woman.
When i met her, I saw her spanish language book and so I asked her where she was from--France, and I don´t speak english, at all, is what she told me. Okay, we can communicate in spanish if need be. She is very french in her attitude.
I have met several Brazilians at the hostel and they all speak english to me. They do not speak spanish since their words in portuguese are different and it cuts to the chase. I understand it and appreciate it, somewhat. It doesn´t help me with spanish, though. They all love Brazil and ask when and if I have been there. And, they have space issues with the computer like I realized, last night.
The Germans are a mixed bunch. I have met travelers from other countries who realy don´t like them. For me, it has varied...i mean, the girl in Australia annoyed me to no end. She could do no wrong, argumentative and hovered about. But, I enjoyed Petra and Marcus and the couple from the other night.
I have met numerous Canadians and enjoyed them and how they talk. Of course, nobody likes to be called canadian unless traveling, and I know that they do not enjoy being accused of being american.
We all vary and there are americans that I have met that annoy me. Why don´t they teach common traveling courtesy at school, at church, at home? I would definitely appreciate it! It is interesting and another facet of this life, I suppose. I am too anal about things.

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Jadey said...

Hey speaking of cops I got pulled over on Saturday morning. I got a damn ticket for not wearing a seat belt-$90!! I was so pissed, but the cop was hot and I shamlessly tried to get out of the ticket. Yeah, not so much. The kids of course thought their mommy flirting with the cop was funny... So Sunday morning we took the kids to church and then were off to the store. Since my ticket, I really did wear my seat belt everytime I got into the car. So as we were leaving Walmart, of course I forgot to put my seat belt on. Then Michaela called and we were laughing when up ahead, I saw a police officer with a radar gun. I said to Tab who was driving this time, slow down...By that time the lights were on and once again getting pulled over. So the cop walked up to my side and said, "didn't I pull you over yesterday?? Isn't your name Jade?" I seriously almost died.
I'm lucky that Tab is who he is because this time the cop flirted with me and didn't even acknowledge him. This time my charms worked and I wiggled out of the ticket, thank god!
When we pulled away Tab just shook his head at me, really it was quite comical. Did I mention that both times I was 2 blocks from my house. I did come away with a toy, a key chain that is that says Click it or ticket. It now has a home on my rearview as a reminder.
Well love you and will talk to you soon
PS Happy Birthday Daddy