Thursday, February 14, 2008

lider supermercado.....happy valentines day for you who follow it

It is like super target/super walmart. I was completely overwhelmed since I haven't been in a supermarket that big since I left the States. It was insane and I was in awe of it. I did a complete lap without focusing on the goal at hand...finding peanut butter. I was hoping they had skippy, but they didn't and it is fine. I now have peanut butter for dinner or for breakfast. I like the breakfast here since they have juice, yogurt, fruit and toast. Yesterday, I decided to eat yogurt with a banana and special K cereal. Today, I wanted a banana and they were gone. I know this is mundane and pretty uninteresting but when you are traveling, food can be fantastic. I mean, you eat the breakfast since it is included in the price of the room. I am tired of croissants and jam and so yogurt and fruit are a wonderful change. Nevertheless, this morning, I had toast with margarine, which I really do not like. Peanut butter will suffice and I haven't had good peanut butter since Australia. Black Cat didn't cut it in South Africa.
I am going to the mountains this weekend for an overnight trek. They also offer horse back riding and a down home bbq. I need to exchange some money since they do not have many credit card machines available. I suppose it is inconvenient for them.
Again, it has been chill. I had a traditional lunch at some dive restaurant and went with chicken. I had pork issues when i left Honduras and don't want a repeat of that situation. The more I am here, the more I realize that it is a slow city. They do have a marathon here in April that they are advertising for. Most people that I have seen do not fit my image of what Chile is. I have heard that it is expensive and upper class for South America. I believe that Buenos Aires is more cosmopolitan. The people were more suave and had more flair.
I need to check out the Allende museum before I leave and the plaza de armas and a few other historically important places. Off to find an itinerary.

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