Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I had a wonderful day today, enjoying the overcast sky. I went to lunch with Sharleen at the mercado and when we returned I left my bag in my locker to downsize, believing that it would be safe in my locked locker, next to my backpack, with two locks on it. I WAS WRONG...some horrible little person, broke the lock off of the locker and rifled through my bag, stole my ipod, $90 that was in a brown wallet/purse that my aunt gave me(sentimental value--has traveled all over world with me and with Brian) and then I discovered that they slashed my bag in hopes of taking my clothes--i guess.
I am furious. I know that it happened between 5-8 pm and although we called the police, since they didn´t take my passport, they can´t do anything. I can file a report with them in hopes of getting another ipod, but to do this, I must go to the police station and file it.
The hostel checked out the circumstances and they believe that a couple checked in and left with my stuff. I am not so certain. It seems too convenient to me. I mean, they only took my ipod and $90. I had a credit card in my bag, some other money--being a bartender it is habit and my driver´s license. I cannot prove anything, of course, but there were a few people that saw me return to the room with my bag and leave without it. I don´t know how they knew where my stuff was, unless they were already staying here, you know?
I am pissed that they knifed my bag. I have had that back pack since 2000 when I was planning on going to Greece. I went to Europe, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico with Brian with that bag. It has sentimental value to me and now it is different. There is a girl here who is going to sew for me since she has a machine and she works here. I figure that I might as well leave everything unlocked so that if they won´t my knickers, they can have them. For fuck sake...I am back in the States in 3 weeks. I am very irritated...another strike against Chile.
Everyone here is trying to get me to drink, but if I did, some of you might be getting a drunk dial or worse, a drunk e-mail. I figured that I would save all of you and myself from the embaressment and just know, that it could have been worse. I am safe and I can replace the ipod. It just sucks knowing that it definitely was someone that is staying here. KARMA WORKS....
I will be here until Friday, sleeping with my bag and eventually returning to the cycle of feeling safe and secure, amongst friends. 3 weeks and counting.....I know that this can happen anywhere, in small town USA or a big city like JuBurg. It still feels violating and awful.
Plus, there is this french couple that insist on giving me advice and hogging the internet. I have a feeling that they were somehow involved. They seem eager and too friendly.

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Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Sorry to hear your travels involve theives. Actually you might be lucky considering you have been many places. We were just in Mexico and we were told to be careful and not leave personal belongings in the room. I did of course, kept forgetting. The sad part is they ruined items that have deep meaning, why couldnt they just take the money and be gone, why did they have to ruin the bag?? I understand your anger.

It is still so cold here, negative temps. Cant wait until spring. We were in Mexico for a week and then I traveled to Jacksonville, FL the following week for training, so 1/2 of Feb. was gone when I returned. I had to spaend my 50th birthday by myslef, I was feeling pretty down about that and decided instead of feeling sorry for myself I would go out for dinner. By myself I headed out, had two Georgia Peach martini's, some shrimp as an appetizer and sea bass flown in from Chille followed by keylime pie, made by the chef. I only had room to sample a bit of each but it was nice. The waitress kept coming over and visiting with me, she felt bad that I was alone. All in all it was nice.

Sounds like your have some great times and meeting great people. You really should write a book about your travels and how you should and should not act.

Enjoy your remaining traveling days, be safe and rested.
love you

(Stef went to the Dr. today, they can feel the head, she is dialated to one, has back labor and a pain in her hip, tired, and she is ready. )