Friday, February 8, 2008

surrounded by Braziliians and full of pizza....

i am so happy that the Italians emigrated to Buenos Aires. I have been blessed by their pizza--seriously.
I found a massage parlor for Monday, which I deserve after the bus that went nowhere. I found this awesome little hole in the wall parilla for tomorrow´s lunch. The owner lived in Miami for 11 years, speaks great english and has chimichurri sauce. i forgot that they offered it here since i haven´t seen it until today. i had 2 glasses of wine for 4 pesos---$1.30--i know, expensive. I had dinner at the best pizza place on Corrientos Avenue and finished with digestion tea at a restaurant near the hostel. I figured that I have had way too much coffee this past month to last me a life time.
I missed jaime and Dain, but understand the timing and desire to go to the Bariloche and really, it is fantastic. I loved my time there.
There was some random spanish speaker at the parilla and he wouldn´t leave me alone. He kept offering to buy me wine and i kept saying--esta bien--and the owner would say, he needs to talk to someone, but I wasn´t about to offer up my spanish services. He looked like a younger version of Dean and Dale, not quite as heavy, but working on it. He was insistent on getting my attention which I have seen them do as well....
Tomorrow, I will go to the Parilla for another conversation with the owner and I hope to check out San Telmo or La Boca. Buenos Aires is magnificent with all of its neighborhoods and people. Otherwise, I will just sleep, catch up on it and enjoy the R & R. Until later. I suppose i could say more, but i don´t have anything to say outside of--I love the free internet, the pizza and the people...


Shari said...

I'm back. I just read all your blogs from the past week. I have been chuckling over some of your encounters. What you won't do in the search for great, or crappy wine. It does seem that you are able to find the good in all of your journey.
Tom watched a basketball game or two, however I did not retain a single outcome. I know there were some guys running around with a ball and I don't remember much after that. He did manage to watch the super bowl. I watched the half time show. Tom Petty was pretty good. He grew a beard, which he needs to shave, but does still sound pretty good. He was the first concert that I ever went to. I have always enjoyed his music. I'm getting tired and babbling so I better go.
Our trip to Yellowstone was great and they are having record snow falls this year. It was better than I thought. We did take the tour into the Park and at one point we had a huge bull buffalo walking 5 feet from us. We saw Old Faithful and many other geysers. We also spent two days driving in the mountains. Of course they are not as big as Colorado's mountains but still impressive.

I will send you some pictures. I now want to visit in the summer. It must be beautiful in the spring and summer. I didn't realize there were so many geysers. It really is incredible.

Harmony, I did get your e-mails and will respond soon.
I'm exhausted and must go to bed now. I will be gone for another couple days, but promise to e-mail as soon as I get back.

Take Care and continue to travel large.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

I will see you in a little over two weeks...I cannot believe it! Bryn and I almost went to Yellowstone a few years ago when we were in Montana watching Beau´s baseball games. By the time we arrived, they were already out of the tournament and I was thankful that she wanted to do a quick turnaround so that i could spend time with Brian. I want to say that we went somewhere, but for right now, I cannot remember the plans except that I enjoyed returning to Denver. Montana was beautiful.
Thank you for the update on the basketball, too. I try to watch games here, but they don´t really watch basketball. There are 4-5 channels of pure soccer here and so I check out randomly.
Be well and we´ll talk soon.