Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinner for two

The other night I went to dinner with Sharleen at a local restaurant. Most Chileans have a big lunch and a light dinner and so the seafood restaurant we wanted to go to was closed.
There was another alternate restaurant suggested to us. We walked in and it was packed. On the menu was a meal for two people. I asked the server what the grill was, hoping that there would be fish involved. He said, beef, chicken, pork, and so we ordered it believing that there would be one piece to share of each protein. A salad was served and then out came this cauldron of meat. There were two pieces of steak, two pork chops, two pieces of chicken, 4 sausages and two intestinal looking things. Neither of us had any idea that dinner for two meant dinner for 6. It was surreal. Of course, I wasn´t interested in the steak or the pork and definitely not the blood sausage. We made an effort and in hindsight, it is extremely comical.
We met a few Americans at the hostel and one guy sticks out in mind. He is from Hawaii and nice, but he looks like the japanese version of Gilbert Godfrey. You know, from USA´s Up all Night? He even had some of his characteristics and mannerisms, not intentionally, I suppose, but it was telling.
The guy from Hawaii was travling with a friend from college and they are doing a quick tour of South America before the other guy returns to the States. Every person´s traveling story is unique.
I hope to go to Con Con today which in another beach further from Valpo. Sharleen and I will make a go of it today with some mistakes I am sure. When she arrived in Valpo, the bus driver pointed to the street that we are staying on. She started walking in the direction he pointed only to be further misdirected by local people. Always, we are laughing about our mistakes.

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