Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rated PG 13

I arrived in Mendoza and had not planned for a hostel. I figured that since it was a Sunday, I shouldn´t have much difficulty finding a bed...i was wrong. I walked to the Hosteling International place and the chick told me to come back at 1 to see if they had any beds available--translation--no help here for you.
Keep in mind, I had just gotten off a bus that I had been on since 1 pm the day before. Plus, this bus service wasn´t like the other. True, the seats reclined, but the leg issue hadn´t changed. There was no tv, no music and only a small snack when we started. I didn´t know that they did not provide full service since I assumed that all first class busses were the same. As a result, my ride was not as smooth, but i had granola bars and water. My first bus served too much food and so I didn´t eat lunch knowing that they would serve lunch on the bus early in the service.
I arrived in Mendoza, cramped and tired. My knees were cramped,not my ankles this time. It doesn´t make much difference, though, I was uncomfortable.
After I left the bad hostel in search of LAO hostel, which was highly recommended, a car stopped next to me and said something, but I didn´t hear it. I stepped closer and said--Que--and looked at him and realized that he had said--te gusta--(do you like?) and that he was naked from the waist down. I was revulted and shocked and said no! and walked away. Of course, I thought of a stream of obscenities that I could yell once I collected my senses. It was another typical, this could only happen to me moment. I mean, thank god he didn´t try to do more and I fear for the children-teenagers-adults that this man shows his pecker to. No one wants to see it. I feel so violated....
I found a hostel and arranged a wine tour for tomorrow morning. I will relocate to my hostel on choice--Lao--on Tuesday. They are booked solid until then.
Mendoza started off scary, but it is partially my fault. I figure it is natural to stop when someone talks to you unless they say te gusta, te amo or some other stupid phrase in english or spanish. I feel fortunate that I was never exposed to that sort of behavior as a child. I mean, this was a bald older man in a crappy car intent on showing me his hoo ha...YUK!!!
I am off to find food and sleep. I need it. The showers here are insane. I couldn´t get any cold water, only hot. I met some great people on the bus last night from Minnesota. They are traveling for 5 months in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Ecuador. I envy their trip.

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