Sunday, February 24, 2008

sunday funday..

I remember being in the States, working and watching my friends and co-workers experience, sunday-funday. I wish there was someone here to try it out on. Of course, I could ask the older gentleman from DC to go out with me, but he seems a little too judgmental for me. He and his daughters were in the Lake District in Chile for their annual vacation. His girls left last night and so he is lonely.
He walked in, last night, while I was eating my supper and asked me if I would want some pizza. I had eaten about 1/2 of my mexican delight and so I wasn´t that interested. Plus, I had eaten amazing pizza in Argentina and so I haven´t been too interested in pizza in Chile.
The owners of the bed and breakfast are accomodating and they are trying to make sure that I am included in their activities. I really just want to be alone, right now. I don´t want to hurt their feelings, but I like the solitude and I need it. Last night, after the american retired to his room, the owner came in and sat down next to me and began watching Jaws. I don´t like when people watch me eat and so I got up and went to the kitchen to clear my plates. This morning, it was the same. The man, brought me juice and tea and then lingered in the doorway, watching some biblical movie and wouldn´t sit down. I decided to pick up my book and actively read to encourage him to return to the sofa to sit down. He was making me nervous and it is bothersome when people linger while others are eating. Or, maybe I am just weird.
Today, I am going to walk, forever, in search of this chilean restaurant that serves tipica comida and the owner raves about. She was kind and printed off the buses that I should take and explained it to me and gave me a map, too. We will see how it is.
Tuesday, I am off to Costa Rica with Shari. I am excited and look forward to the adventure there. I hope to find some more starbuck´s in chile. I know that the coffee is divine in Costa Rica from past experience.

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n7mk said...

Harmony- One of the main things I remember from when I was in Costa Rica years ago was the wonderful coffee. I brought some home and savored it until I ran out. Mark