Tuesday, February 12, 2008

male therapists and other issues....

I was intent on getting a massage yesterday and so when I went to the first place and they said that the lady´s kid was sick, I was upset. I asked them to recommend another place, near there location and they suggested a place around the corner.
I arrive, find out that I can get a massage in an hour and I am stoked. I go to a coffee shop, finish my post cards and return. Of course, I have to wait for the therapist for about 30 minutes and when he arrives, it is a man. I have had many male therapists and didn´t have a problem with it. I am comfortable getting a massage since normally, men are just as protective of your bodies as women.
I should have asked for a female. I think their massages differ quite greatly in south america. Add in the language barrier and you have an interesting situation. I definitely felt exposed.
AFterwards, I decided to celebrate my last day in Buenos Aires by having a nice lunch. My waiter was a jerk, refused to understand my spanish. I was frustrated and quit trying. When I asked for the bill, he brought me the wrong one and believed that I wouldn´t notice. I was not amused.
I found a great bistro called Bistro Eva, after this, on Avenida de mayo. They just opened and it was great. I had a few glasses of wine there and chatted up the owners in my mix of spanish/english. I was trying again and decided to not be frustrated by the day anymore. I mean, in my room, I am staying with the french woman and the aussie girl, who has been in Columbia for 5 months in school. Of course, her spanish is fluent. They, too, were rude to me and so when I returned last night from dinner and drinking wine, I told the french lady that i didn´t understand her spanish since apparently, I only spoke english since i was american. I ignored her.
Now, I am a little hung over. You should never, never, never drink wine after a massage....well, not in excess, at least.
Onward to Chile

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