Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bella Vista

I found more Starbuck´s and I am now extremely happy. It isn´t everyday that I am blessed with coffee or the possibility of a good latte. I feel stateside.
I walked around the hippie district and was charmed by its energy and pubs. Of course, they had a market that I liked, but they tend to scare me since you never know who is walking up behind you, trying to rifle through the bag. Plus, I need my bag since I carry water and a book and normally, a journal, as well. I know, I sound like a freaking bag lady but I definitely have needs.
Tomorrow, I will venture to this village with tipico chilean food. The owner of the Bed and Breakfast recommended it and she seems to know her stuff. I like the house, only wish that I had a shower in my room. Really, though, I appreciate the lack of bed bugs and the privacy.
There is a music festival in Vina del Mar and it is super cheesy. They have Peter Frampton, Journey and tonight, Nelly Furtado. There are latin american acts, comedy and music. I saw Journey on tv the other night and didn´t realize that there new lead singer was asian and young. He sounds like Steven Perry though and i suppose that is all that matters. All of the Chileans are excited about the concert and watch it on the tv incessantly.
Tonight, will be more R & R for me. I found a Ben Elton book in their book exchange and so I am stoked.

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