Sunday, February 17, 2008

bugs, rooms and the relocation to the beach

I was successful with my herbal remedy of garlic, papaya salve and rubbing alcohol on Friday night. Last night, I was semi attacked, not a full on frontal, but definitely, I woke up a few times scratching and annoyed. They said they were going to spray yesterday, but they didn't inform anyone. The bed bug spray is normally highly toxic and so you would think that they would evacuate the place. I don't know about this owner. He is from the States and sort of a pompous you know what. Maybe I am just still upset that he insinuated that I was lying about my bed bug bites so that they would, i mean, i would do my laundry for free. I know that $3 is a huge amount to give someone for the trouble of being bit all night.
I walked up to my bed and breakfast and it is in a beautiful area. I am about 4 metro stations from downtown, there is a park, statues and restaurants. I found an Italian one yesterday and the owner was from New York. He was nice, but a little extreme. He was overcautious about my being in the downtown area.
Afterwards, I walked up to Saint Lucia and saw a nice view of the city and smog. I met a canadian and we are going to take the bus together to the beach. She is kind and recently began traveling alone. She is from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and she has been with friends until a week ago. I figure if we both get lost, at least we will be together.
I hope the beach offers tranquility and a bed bug free zone. I want peace.

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