Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the night attacks continue...

When I was in Fiji, I was the advertisement for calomine lotion. Again, I am the poster child.
I woke up, endlessly, to have to scratch a new bite and I got this up morning and had at least 30 bites all over my body. They weren't concentrated, this time, but that doesn't mean they aren't as annoying. My god...when will this end. Maybe I should just bathe in Off and be done with it.
Santiago appears to be nice. Almost everyone at this hostel is american or english speakers. They are calm, a little older and traveling in a more professional manner. Everyone entered the room, politely, and the light was on only briefly. It was heaven compared to argentina except for the mosquitoes. I will live.
I had a fantastic meal, for free, at the hostel, last night. It was a chilean specialty and bland as hell, but a change from the rich pasta I was trying in Argentina. I watched Lords of War--i think, and had a basic chill night. I am trying to decide how best to rest the next few weeks. I was overindulgent in Argentina and I am not motivated to bus it or stress about my spanish. I want to just relax, read and enjoy the remainder of my trip. No distractions or head aches is what I am hoping for. Plus, I am now 3 hours ahead of Denver and so it feels like home.
Until later....

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