Friday, February 22, 2008

Con Con

I got over the petty theft, especially when I figured out what happened. It was the British guy that I had spent the prior day with. His stuff had been stolen In columbia, including an ipod, and he was at the house the entire day. He knew where we were going, knew how long it would take to get there and most importantly, he saw us leave without my backpack.
I watched him squirm yesterday, trying to avoid us. I decided to not make it that easy for him. Before he left, I approached him about his departure. He would barely look at me and he asked me if I had everything sorted. I said, that I was well and then I looked directly at him and said that I pretty much knew exactly how it happened. He left immediately after that. I know that it was him. It is infuriating that another traveler would do something like this, but not everyone is trustworthy, as we know. I guess since he is in the same positon as me, I believed that he wouldn´t want to rip someone off.
My bag is fixed and I went to the beach yesterday. It was beautiful and we spent a few hours trying not to freeze. The winds and the water can be a nasty combination.
We returned to make dinner last night and there were these Brazilians in the kitchen. They really overtook it and then lingered while we were trying to find some place to sit and enjoy our feast. We made a stirfry that I was proud of.
Chile is better and I have found good coffee again. I return to Santiago today to check out the boulevards.

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