Wednesday, February 6, 2008

possible delay....

I am considering delaying my departure to Chile. I really like Argentina and I could change my ticket for a minimal price or skip it completely and surface travel to Chile. It is all being sorted.
I am waiting to be picked up for the big wine tour today. I hope that it is not a disappòintment. I guess that I had high expectations of this region since I was so happy with the quality of South African wines. Granted, I have been on two cheap tours with people that aren´t really interested in wine. I mean, yesterday, the girl from the UK preferred this malbec that was substandard. The American from San Francisco put ice in his wine, a huge no-no in my book and the Aussie just drank to drink as much as she possibly could. It was definitely an experience, but today should be more structured and with quality bodegas, I hope.
I am looking into extending my stay because I can and why not? Plus, Chile is more spendy and I am enjoying the free internet, breakfast and bed for $12 a night--on the high end. We will see.
I went running this morning and it is so freaky since it is so dark until about 8 am. I feel that it is about 5 am when it is 7:30. I figure as long as people are around, I will be fine and there are always people drinking coffee, smoking or bull shitting here.
I wouldn´t mind looking into a spanish class if I stay too. I know that one of the Hostels offer it in Buenos Aires, plus a tango show. It is intriguing.
Yesterday, I had to speak spanish since the Danish guy wouldn´t. It was great to get around outside of ordering food, asking for a bed or bathroom, you know? I now owe him a beer since we were dropped off farther than I had projected, but a beer is a beer. He is going on a climbing adventure and seems to be traveling purely for the sport of it. From his biking skills yesterday I was surprised. However, he was interested in the UK girl which would explain his lack of motivation to peddle faster.
I will update my travel plans when I, myself, know more. If I remain in Argentina, I can go to Uruguay as well. I sort of got caught up in the whole idea of Mendoza and didn´t focus on Uruguay until I ran out of time.
Until later....

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