Wednesday, February 13, 2008

first impressions...

I survived the day, but got lost. I swear I knew where I was going and then I looked at the map and couldn't find my location. I was so far off of map, it wasn't funny. But, I definitely know more about Santiago now.
I found a casa de cambio and exchanged some money for the chilean peso. I had lunch at this cute, family owned restaurant that served bread with salsa, soup or salad and then beef or pork. In my case, I had soup and a mix of veggies--avocado--I loved this. I haven't had avocado since October. It was heavenly.
Afterwards, I tried to find the Lider supermercado, but it is very far away. Instead, I went to the local place and they didn't have peanut butter, which made me sad.
Santiago is a sleepy city. It is quiet with out the intensity of Buenos Aires. The sidewalks aren't crumbling and they have beautiful tree lined avenues. It isn't a destination, though, in my opinion. I will have more time to explore, but until later...

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