Sunday, February 10, 2008

another thought....

Last night, they served us 3 sausages and a beef and onion empanada with lettuce. I decided to try the sausage, but was so grossed out by the blood sausage on the plate, that I could barely look at my food. The other couple that joined us was smart in explaining that the girl didn´t eat red meat. They brought her a plate of lettuce as a starter--quite funny, but at least she could eat it. I wasn´t the only one freaking out about that suasage, either.
They offered wine and I was the only red wine drinker. Initially, they kept to their respective ottles and then all of a sudden, my wine is gone since they just want to ¨try a bit.¨ Not a big deal, but I didn´t like the white, at all.
There is an herbal life convention in Buenos Aires and so there are hundreds of people milling around with their neon green shirts and badges. They wake up early to eat breakfast, trash the kitchen and go their meeting. I am surrounded by vitamin packing people who love carne.
I went out this morning since it was ideal for a run. It´s overcast and mostly, the city is shut down on Sundays. I see trash everywhere and dog shit. I don´t mind the trash, but the poop is another issue. There are piles of it, everywhere and it is difficult to manueuver between random people, the faulty sidewalks and the shit. I suppose it is payback for walking people´s dogs and not being conscientious to that fact. i won´t mention names...
I hope to make it San Telmo for the market today and possibly check out a book store, too. I need a new book. This hostel is lacking in that department since there are too many Braziliians here. This man yesterday told me that the food in Brazil sucked. I said, really and he said, it was so horrible that I ate at McDonald´s. I thought that was quite funny.
Originally, I really liked this hostel, but the last few days haven´t been fantastic. I mean, they need to take the trash out of the bathrooms. The basket is overflowing with used pieces of toilet with feces on it. YOu know how it is in Mexico and the pipes. I returned from the outing this morning to eat breakfast and there were two croissants and a few crostinis, no milk and the lady that is supposed to attend to this, is watching tv in the lounge. She always laughs at my spanish and so I opted to eat my orange from Mendoza. of course, it wasn´t fresh tasting, but I figure fruit is always a great choice instead of sugar all of the time.
Here I thought I had one thing to say, but I guess I am lucid in my thoughts right now. Until later...

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