Saturday, February 16, 2008

not a garlic head

Apparently, bed bugs are a wide spread problem because of the Peruvians, Bolivians, etc., you know, the people that aren't clean and don't care. Or, at least that is the verse that I am hearing.
Regardless of who is bringing them in, they are disgusting, dirty and a reflection of your establishment. I think that since the owner cannot visually see mine, he believes that I am overreacting. Seriously, I have at least 60 bites spread from my neck to my toes with most of the concentrated area around my internal organs which is normal. I went to the market to purchase garlic and lotion from the chemist, but only got garlic. I ate two cloves and you can imagine what our room is like now and put on my papau salve from Australia and they both seemed to detract them for a night. I also rubbed alcohol on my body as a further obstacle to them. On a website for natural remedies, it said that bed bugs do not like certain creams or lotions since it detracts them. I don't know. I don't care. I just know that last night, I slept through the night and it feels fantastic!
My friend, Jaime, sent me information about a B&B in Santiago and I am going to stay there the last 3-4 nights of my time in Chile. It is worth the cost and they take credit cards unlike every other establishment here.
I am off to enjoy the morning. I hope that you have a bugfree day, with sunshine and fun. Don't I sound like an advertisement?

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