Friday, February 15, 2008

i was wrong and am moving to a new room

There was an aussie girl that I had met yesterday and I was complaining about my bites and she said that she had picked up a few but didn't think much of it outside of that they were new and not from Australia.
Well, this morning, I ran into her and she was checking out. She said that she had bed bug bites and looked at mine and said, yep, those are similar. I had 5 that were huge welts in my back and stomach and so I mentioned it to the manager on duty. He said that he would make a note of it and I said that I would want to clean my clothes.
I returned to the hostel, met the owner and he said, yes, she is the one. But, we have cleaned that room, those beds, we don't understand what else to do. I said, well, monitor people bringing in their own linens and sleeping bags since that is how they are brought in for the most part. Initially, he said, she's the one that says she has bites and I said, I do and here, LOOK at my back. You tell me that that isn't uncomfortable.
It is being taken care of. I think that I would shut down, do a thorough cleaning and reopen. Bed bugs spread like wild fire and are a hassle that no one wants to deal with.
We will see how it works out. At least I won't be eating a garlic head tonight to fend off the mosquitoes.


Shari said...

Do Not bring those little buggers with you to Costa Rica. I will be checking your bags before you bunk with me.

See ya soon,
Love Shari

harmony said...