Sunday, February 24, 2008

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Today, I embarked on another meal that is typical of chilean food. The owner, kindly printed off the directions for me, but I prefer walking since I figure that if I get lost, I can fix it easier. Plus, the buses tend to overshoot the stops and I get confused. I looked at the map and walked halfway there, the other day and so like a fool, I set out on this ambitious, yet misguided, adventure.
I crossed the 1/2 way mark in my mind when this guy is walking closer and closer to me. He is making me nervous and so I slow down to figure out what he is doing. At this point, he decides to talk to me. Instead of ignoring him like I normally do, I call him out and say something like--yes that is wonderful. He goes--come over here and suck my cock. I said--are you fucking serious and he says--YES and so I said--alright, take off your pants and he looks scared and walked away. I mean, really, are you going to talk to someone like this. What reaction do you expect when you call out-you are beautiful, I love you, suck my cock. Okay, not interested, but I am tired of being a novelty due to my americanness and blonde hair. I know that is all it is. It still is unsettling to not be able to be anonymous.
After this, I continue on and now, i need to go to a bathroom. Only, it´s Sunday and so nothing is open. I keep walking, hoping to find a gas station since the mini markets are so tiny that barely one person can look around. I don´t know if they have toilets or not. I find a bathroom and ask the guy how far this restaurant is. He tells me that it is quite a bit aways. He tells me to take a bus, but I don´t have the card to get on the bus. In Santiago, you need a charge card to use the bus since they do not give change.
While the guy is explaining how far the place is, this woman, Luz Maria, interrupts and asks me where I need to go. As she is explaining it to me, she decides to offer me a ride. It was so nice and I know of other stories from Sharleen, where the kindness of Chileans is amazing.
The lunch was awesome and worth the walk. Now, my only problem was getting back. I ask the parking attendant about the bus and he tells me that I need a card to get on. When I tell him that I don´t have one, he looks for his to give me. I wouldn´t have taken it if he found it, but again--the kindness of strangers. I opted to walk back...all 145 blocks. It was fun and I found a few more Starbuck´s and Lider supermarkets. I feel well-versed on the streets of Providencia. I could definitely use a hot tub tonight.
I survived the idiots, met some kind people and enjoyed the meal that is typical of chile. Plus, I finished my postcards and tomorrow, I will find one of the many post offices that I walked by and be set.


Shari said...

Thank you...I really needed an interesting story tonight and this one was just the ticket.
The B&B in Costa Rica has a hot tub and please don't make me walk 145 blocks.

I really can't wait. I have not packed and I figure all I really need is money and a passport.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

I will see you tomorrow. I have to get up at 4 am to be ready for my shuttle at 4:20 am. My flight leaves at 7:45, but since it is a shuttle, I have to wait while they make other stops en route to the airport.
I am glad that my story is amusing...

Jadey said...

You know the other day I had a situation that involved the male organ as well. Though I was at work, it was just as disturbing. I walked in this guy's room, that was my patient for the night and introduced myself. I had started to listen to his lungs and he was sitting up at the side of the bed. Which meant I had to walk around the bed to then listen to his heart. So as you can imagine I was bent over to listen and as I was finishing up he started to talk to me. Which is always annoying because the stethesope amplifies your voice. So anyways, I took my stethescope off and he proceeded to tell me that "your touch is so gentle that my dick is rising up" Isn't that nice?? I just gave him a disgusted dirty look and started to back out of the room. Gross!! I love my job..

Have fun with Shari and give her a big hug from me.

Love and miss you

Hey I was thinking about it and I think I might try to come through Denver on my way back from Kansas. What do you think?? The family will be in tow, but it would be fun to stop and see you